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My right can hear now.,,!!

I trust you received my other reply … Geoff

Behind the ear hearing amplifiers

Wonderful to be able to watch the television and hear what is being said. I am absolutely delighted, thank you very much

Ear Plugs

These hearing aid plugs and charger work well and improved my tv listening quality beyond what I was expecting.
I would recommend them .

Really good product

Very good value for money hearing aids which are effective…Excellent customer service
This company is contactable for advice on their products unlike many

Noctara - Large Round Classic Metal Framed Mirror In Black 100cm x 100cm
Oliver B.

Great delivery and quality

Hearing aids

Fast delivery. Great product. Great sound cam hear everything now. Really pleased with them.

Hi happy with the ear aids

Thank you

Hearing Aid

Excellent .. well delivered. On time.

Milani hearing aids.

Before I bought this hearing aid I tried a pair from a large national company costing £2,000, these didn't help me much so I returned them for a refund. The Kulani product helps me to hear normal conversation most of the time, and I can sometimes hear television without sub-titles. I still haven't managed to connect them to my mobile phone yet but I'll keep trying. The unit is a bit larger than the expensive ones, though not uncomfortable, you get what you pay for and I am satisfied with my purchase. The only thing I would change is that the plastic tube from the amplifier to the ear piece could do with being a tiny bit longer to suit me.


I have been unable to cope with the NHS hearing aid. After a session at Boots and finding out the price I thought I would try these. I have found them comfortable, easily adjustable and I can now join in group conversations. My only problem is my husband says I now talk too quietly and he can't hear me! I think he needs a pair also.

Hearing aids

Very impressed with the hearing aids. Delivery was fast, hearing aids are comfortable with very good volume range. A value for money purchase hope they continue to perform. A positive change not only to my hearing but to life.

These should be be famous, I didn’t know I needed them. The results where just fantastic.

Very good

They are alrght

Excellent value for money

A well made and designed hearing aid, easy to fit with a good all round audio bandwidth and easy charging

dads hearing aids

excellent service ,would use kulani again

I can hear

Good hearing aide and very good service and quick delivery .Easy to use

Elite hearing aids - excellent!

Was not sure what to expect with these aids, as I have had NHS ones for 12 years but now finding them uncomfortable to wear all day; similar ones to the Elite are horrendously expensive and not always reliable [so friends tell me!] but the price of these made it worth taking a chance. Once I got to grips with getting them in the ear correctly I found them so light and comfortable to wear, that I tend to forget I have them in. I wondered how reliable the battery charging would be but so far they are excellent - such a good buy that I just wish I had found them sooner! It's a great pity there is not a set with the T loop as I have to use that for my TV - so have to suffer the discomfort in the evenings of using my old NHS ones if I want to watch it - but as I am doing that less and less, not too much of a problem! I really think I will have to purchase another set shortly - just in case...... if anyone is in doubt about the sound quality and reliability of these - don't be - they are perfect; in fact the first thing I noticed was that they do not distort your own voice, something that is very disconcerting when you first have NHS ones. Many thanks to Kulani for such an excellent product - look forward to seeing what else you can come up with!

Good value at the price.

First class Customer Care ,all contacts for what ever reason are dealt with in a quick and courteous manner, the hearing aid is slightly larger than the expensive brands but it still serves the purpose,there is a control for volume plus an on and off switc

control for
the volume plus on and off switches


I've got hearing loss in both ears and been waiting for a long time to get to NHS. I seen the reviews for these aides, so worth it. Easy to use, comfortable to wear and can adjust the volume to suit your needs. They (I order two) comes with cables and charging port ad manual. Its so wonderful being able to hear properly now. Thank you so much. Highly recommend these.

Great service of this company

Money well spent

Bought a pair and have used them for 2weeks and what a difference they have made, no longer need sub titles on TV and the 3 different size ear pieces were ideal, just 1 question can I extend the tube so that it fits better behind the ear. A big thank you for a great product N Harvey

Very good earphones

Hearing aid

This really helped with my hearing, thank you.

Hearing aid

Very quick delivery very helpful staff when needed to ask question very very satisfied
Thank you

Hearing aids

The hearing aids are not too bad but take some getting used to, they have a lot of feedback noise at times but otherwise their quite good