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Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)
Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)
Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)
Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)
Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)
Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)
Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)
Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)
Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)

Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC)

Experience Crystal Clear Sound.

  • Premium Hearing at an Affordable Price.

  • Ready to use, straight away.

  • Very Small & Discreet.

  • Rechargeable. No more batteries.


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Discover the Joy of Hearing with Elite Mini (RIC)

Step into a world of clear sound and ultimate comfort with the latest technology. The Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC) are designed to enhance your hearing experience effortlessly.

Exceptional Hearing at a Smart Price

Experience premium hearing technology without the premium price tag. The Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC) offer superior sound quality and advanced features, delivering exceptional value for smart buyers.

Hear Conversations With Ease

Never miss a word again. Advanced noise reduction and intelligent speech enhancement ensure clear conversations, even in noisy settings. Reconnect with loved ones and enjoy social gatherings without any strain.

Simply, Fast Rechargeable 

No more battery hassles. Enjoy the convenience of built-in rechargeable batteries and a sleek magnetic charging case. Experience a full day of clear hearing with additional charges on the go for total peace of mind.

Quick and Reliable Royal Mail Delivery

Shop with confidence from home. Benefit from our fast, free Royal Mail 48 Tracked & Signed delivery, ensuring your new hearing aids arrive swiftly and securely. Start enjoying enhanced hearing as soon as possible.

The Complete Over-The-Counter Set

Introducing the Future of Hearing with the Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC) from Kulani Home. Ideal for Mild to Severe Hearing Loss.

  • 2 X types of earplugs of 3 X different sizes
  • 1 X Pack of Wax Guards
  • 2 x Device
  • 1 x Magnetic charging case
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x USB Charging Plug
  • 1 x User manual
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty

Experience Cutting-Edge Hearing Technology - For less.

What is an RIC aid? The RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) device features a small housing that sits discreetly behind the ear, housing the microphone, amplifier, and rechargeable batteries. Electrical signals travel through a thin wire to an in-ear speaker, delivering crisp, clear sound for an enhanced hearing experience.

Intuitive Controls for Effortless Hearing

Designed for ease of use, these aids feature intuitive controls and multiple modes to suit your hearing needs.

Volume & Mode Control: Easily adjust the volume to your preference with the conveniently placed push-button. The mode switch allows you to toggle between three distinct settings:

Normal Mode: Ideal for everyday environments, providing balanced amplification for clear hearing.

High Frequency Compensation Mode: Enhances higher frequencies, perfect for conversations in noisy environments.

Low Frequency Compensation Mode: Boosts lower frequencies, making it easier to hear in quiet settings.

All-Day Power with the Convenient Charging Case.

Equipped with integrated rechargeable batteries and a self-charging case, the aids can be recharged up to four to five times before the case itself requires recharging. Ensuring your aids are always ready when you are.

Forget batteries and enjoy up to 20 hours of use on a single charge and a total of 100 hours use before the case needs recharging.

For optimum readiness, we suggest docking the hearing aids in their case overnight, allowing for a full charge overnight.

Easy to use.

Designed for effortless use, enjoy enhanced hearing without the hassle of complex devices. Each aid fits comfortably behind the ear, with a sleek design that ensures they remain virtually undetected, allowing for uninterrupted daily tasks like phone calls or TV watching.

The Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC) feature user-friendly push-button controls for direct volume adjustments and switching between modes. They also include intelligent noise reduction technology, which provides a clear and optimal listening experience in various environments.

Delighted Customers

Superior Safety and Comfort.

The Elite Next Generation Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC) are expertly designed to thrive in environments teeming with ambient noise.

Helping you to distinguish between overlapping sounds and conversations, making them perfect for situations like navigating through a lively street bustling with activity, cautiously crossing roads, or browsing in a packed shop with multiple sound sources.

With the Next Generation Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC), users can experience clarity, ensuring you don't miss out on any important auditory cues or conversations.

Compact Design, Featherweight Feel.

Discover the magic of our user-friendly Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC). Designed to be discreet and comfortable, these aids are a perfect fit for any ear.

Despite their small size, they have been designed to offer you clear sound and clarity while feeling like they're barely there. Simply put, these RIC aids are small in size but big on performance, blending effortlessly into your everyday life.

  • Excellent Sound Clarity: Thoughtfully engineered, the Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC) provide clearer hearing in a cost-effective manner. Whether you're in a quiet room or a bustling setting, expect consistent performance and clearer hearing wherever you find yourself.

  • Advanced Noise Reduction: Leverage high precision noise reduction technology to minimise background disturbances. This ensures the sounds you want to hear stand out clearly, regardless of your location.

  • Intelligent Feedback Cancellation: Our adaptive feedback cancellation effectively suppresses howling and feedback, providing a comfortable and uninterrupted listening experience.

  • Rechargeable Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of built-in rechargeable batteries. With up to 20 hours of use on a single charge and additional charges from the case, you can rely on your hearing aids all day long without the hassle of regular battery replacements.

  • Comfortable and Discreet Design: With a sleek and compact design, these hearing aids are virtually invisible and comfortable to wear all day. Enjoy the confidence of a natural look and feel.

  • Accessible and Affordable: Our cost-effective hearing aids cater to users of all ages, providing an affordable way to improve your hearing and overall quality of life.

Frequently asked questions

Will they help with my type of hearing loss?

Our hearing aids are exclusively designed for individuals who have mild to Severe hearing loss. People with this type of hearing loss often experience remarkable outcomes with our hearing aids.

Will they fit my ears?

The hearing aids include different inner ear fittings. From small to large. By changing the inner ear fitting you can rest assured you will be able to achieve a comfortable fit. 

Are the hearing aid's easy to use?

The hearing aids are easy to use, accompanied with a comprehensive set of instructions. We do recommend giving the hearing aids a complete charge before first use. 

Can the hearing aid be worn on either ear?

The hearing aids have a left and right design. 

How do I charge the rechargeable battery?

The Elite Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aids (RIC) come with a recharging case. The case charges the hearing aids. The charging case is charged with a USB-C cable, the cable and charger are included with the set. Typically a full charge takes around 5-6 hours.

How do I clean and maintain my new hearing aid?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your hearing aid in good working condition. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the surface of the device gently. Avoid using water or cleaning solutions, as they may damage the hearing aid. 

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

On a full charge, the battery can last up to 20 hours, depending on usage and the specific settings you have chosen for your hearing aid.

What makes these hearing aids so affordable?

Over the years, hearing aid advancements have been remarkable. Though audiologist-prescribed aids can come with a heftier price tag, our standard model presents a cost-effective alternative. Everyone deserves affordable and straightforward access to clear hearing.

Can I return my item?

We offer a 30 day returns policy. For more information on our refund and returns policy please check out the links at the bottom of this page.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, the aids are accompanied by a 12-month manufacturer's warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship. 

Is Delivery Free?

Delivery is Free for all orders over £29.99. We use reliable couriers to delivery your order directly to your door. Your new device will be sent with Royal Mail 48 Tracked and Signed for.

Can hearing aids restore my hearing to normal?

While hearing aids can't bring back natural hearing, they can greatly enhance one's listening capability and overall life quality for those experiencing hearing challenges.



White Case, Cream Devices


Digital RIC Hearing Aids





Power supply mode:

USB Type-C

Rated voltage:

3.7 V

Working Time:

Up to 20 Hours


Noise Reduction Feedback Cancellation

Battery Type:



USB-C Charger Included

Fitting Range (dBHL):


OSPL90_HFA (dB):


FOG50 (dB):


FOG50_HFA (dB):


Eq. Input Noise Level (dB):


Battery Current Drain (mA):


Frequency Range (Hz):


Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Michael J.

Absolutely fantastic hearing aids! The sound quality is excellent, and they're so comfortable I forget I'm wearing them. I've had various hearing aids over the years, but none have matched the performance and comfort of these. The quick charging case is a brilliant feature, ensuring I never run out of battery throughout the day. The customer service is also top-notch. I had a minor issue, and they resolved it promptly. Highly recommend.

Sarah L.
Life-Changing Convenience

These hearing aids have been life-changing. Easy to set up and use, and the rechargeable feature is very convenient. I can wear them all day without any discomfort, and the sound clarity is superb. I can now enjoy conversations with my family and hear the TV clearly without turning up the volume excessively. The compact design is discreet, and they fit perfectly behind my ears. Definitely worth the investment.

David W.
Superior to NHS

I've had NHS hearing aids for years, but these are in a different league. Much better sound and very comfortable to wear all day. The volume control is easy to use, and the different modes are perfect for switching between quiet and noisy environments. I can hear birds singing again and enjoy music like never before. The charging case is very handy and keeps the aids safe when not in use. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Anna K.
Great Product Price

Great product at a great price. The charging case is a brilliant addition, keeping my hearing aids safe and charged. The sound quality is excellent, and I can wear them comfortably all day. They have really improved my quality of life, allowing me to participate in conversations and social gatherings without constantly asking people to repeat themselves. The customer service has also been fantastic, responding quickly to any queries I had. Highly recommend.

James T.
Outstanding Customer Service

The customer service is outstanding. I had an issue with one aid, and they replaced it immediately. Very impressed. These hearing aids are easy to set up and use, and the sound quality is superb. The rechargeable feature is a big plus, saving me the hassle of constantly changing batteries. They are comfortable to wear all day, and the design is sleek and discreet. I can now enjoy watching TV and listening to music at a lower volume. Excellent product.

Laura P.
Lightweight and Adjustable

These hearing aids are lightweight and easy to adjust. The sound quality is superb, and I love the rechargeable feature. They have made a significant difference in my daily life, allowing me to hear conversations clearly and enjoy activities I had been missing out on. The charging case is very convenient, and I never have to worry about running out of battery. The customer service team is also very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend these hearing aids.

Paul B.
Clear Sound for Dad

Bought these for my dad, and he loves them. The sound is clear, and they fit comfortably behind his ears. He no longer has to turn the TV up to high volumes, and he can participate in conversations without constantly asking people to repeat themselves. The rechargeable feature is very convenient, and the charging case keeps the aids safe and ready to use. My dad is very happy with these hearing aids, and I highly recommend them.