Our Story

The honest way Kulani Home was born.

Kulani Home was born by accident through a desire to change career paths. Many of us have had jobs or careers that let's be honest, haven’t satisfied us.

It was at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic when we asked ourselves what we would truly like to do. We knew we enjoyed helping people, creating something from nothing and beautiful homes – Kulani Home was born.

So, what makes Kulani Home different from every other store out there? Put simply, great products and excellent customer service. We have all seen reviews where people are complaining about one of the most frustrating problems in life, that item or service you buy that’s not quite right. Unfortunately, we will never be able to completely remove broken products, but we are able to remove broken promises.  

At Kulani Home, our aim is to provide excellent, consistent quality products and customer service. When you purchase an item from Kulani Home we hope the process will go smoothly – If there is a problem you can rest assured that keeping you happy is our number one priority.

Kulani Home is growing at a rate which we wouldn’t have believed was possible in the beginning. We strive every day to bring you new products we think you will love.

- Kulani Home